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Olga Beketova

Hi, dear Artlover,

I'm happy you are here! Welcome!

Let me introduce myself:

My name is Olga Beketova

I'm a contemporary Artist and an Ambassador for Peace.

To help you know me better I wrote my artistic way as of the moment in brief.
Please find it below:

I have more than 30 collective expositions in Russia and abroad (including Italy, UK, Turkey).
Prize winner at many arts competitions including RussianArtWeek, 2021 and Art GEO, 2022.

My recent exhibitions are:
Russian Culture Expo, Ankara, Turkey, 2023
(under support of national newspaper Cumhuriet)
8th International Art Expo, Alanya, Turkey, 2023
Russian-Turkish Culture Week, 2023, Ankara, Turkey
ArtConnect, 2023, Istanbul, Turkey
ArtAnkara, 2023, Ankara, Turkey

My paintings reflect my state of mind and emotions that is why they are so bright and colourful.
I also consider it's quite natural to move from abstract compositions to figurative paintings.
But my main topics of research are floral compositions and ethnics.

I consider Art is an adventure full of freedom and experiments.

I'm really proud that my paintings can be found in many private collections in Russia (from Murmansk to Sochi), Europe: Italy, Brussel, Germany, and USA: Washington, Los Angeles.

I'm an open and social person, that's why I also organize charity auctions, exhibitions (charity and commercial), art-projects.

Collaboration with Clothes Brand KA2WEAR.

Currently I live in Turkey, the country of sea, sun and constant inspiration.
I can for sure say that I live my dream: living by the sea and doing what I really like. And I reflect my mood in me artworks and hope you will feel it through the colours, tints, shapes and topics.

I will be happy to decorate your home!

You can follow me on

Wish you all the best,
Olga Beketova

Please find below all the exhibitions I have participated in as of 1.12.2023:

Personal Exhibition:
2022 G gallery «Live. Dream. Create», Samara

Group exhibitions in Russia:
2022 Yacht club «Swallow», Samara
2022 “Zdes na Taganke” Gallery, «Zvezdopad», Moscow
2022 “Zdes na Taganke” Gallery «Wow!», Moscow
2022 Arton Gallery, «ColorWave», Sochi
2022 VDNKh, «Only flowers», Moscow
2022 Art Russia Fair, Nikolskaya Gallery, Gostinyi dvor, Moscow
2022 “Flowers”, G Gallery, Samara
2021 Participation in Art Show “Beauty in the eyes”
2021 Charity Auction and Exhibition, Samara, Russia
2021 «Aurasium» Gallery, «Art portraits», Moscow
2021 Ivent hall «Danilovskiy», «Animal kingdom», Moscow
2021 Congress-hall “Amber Plaza», «Russian Art Week», Moscow
2021 International Arts Forum «Universal Art Geography”, Moscow (1 and 2 prizes)
2021 Moscow Arts Union Hall, International Arts Festival of Abstract Art "Abstraсtum", Moscow (silver prize)
2021 Group Exhibition of Arts Fund, Moscow
2021 Öpen Space” Gallery, Group Exhibition of Creative Arts Union, Samara
2021 Saint Petersburg Art Union Hall, Contemporary Arts Exposition, Saint Petersburg
2021 Ivent hall «Danilovskiy», «Russian Art Week», Moscow
2021 Saint Petersburg Art Union Hall, Contemporary Arts Exposition “Woman image”, Saint Petersburg (silver prize)
2021 Moscow Gostinyi dvor, International Art Festival "Abstraсtum", Moscow
2021 Russian Arts Award, Moscow
2020 Art-salon exhibition, online
2020 Congress-hall “Amber Plaza», “Russian Art Week”, Moscow (gold prize)

Group exhibitions abroad:

2023 Russian Culture Expo, Ankara, Turkey
(under support of national newspaper Cumhuriet)
2023 8th International Art Expo, Alanya, Turkey,
2023 Russian-Turkish Culture Week, Ankara, Turkey
2023 ArtConnect, Istanbul, Turkey
2023 ArtAnkara, Ankara, Turkey
2022 Collective Exhibition in honor of Republic Day, Ankara, Turkey
2022 La Pigna Gallery, «State of Art», Rome, Italy
2021 Boomer Gallery, «Vogue 2», London, UK

Art Projects
2022 Hotel “Samarskiy”, exhibition and workshops, Samara
2022 Charity Project “Äll the Art”, exhibition and workshops, Samara
2022 G gallery + workshops in Samara State Arts Museum, International Exhibition “SamaraSpaceWeek”, Samara
2021 Art Project “Beauty in her eyes” (collaboration with magazine)
2021 “Artist Loft” Hall, Charity auction, Samara















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The happiest thing is when I see that a viewer perceives and shares the emotions that I hoped to have expressed in a painting

I use a lot of positive energy and warm feelings when I’m painting. And I like to believe that my pieces carry these positive vibes to their new homes.

I was grown up in Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy, a small peninsula in the eastern point of Russia. And all my childhood I was surrounded by rich palette of natural colors from emerald green forests to turquoise blue Pacific ocean waves and fiery scarlet lingonberry.

My art is a reflection of my life – positive and dynamic, simple and sincere. And I try to convey this in my artworks.

I am hardly ever inspired by nature or some event, but most often by people – their beauty, emotions, reactions. And I am very often inspired by my colleagues’ artworks and their success.

Посмотрите короткое видео обо мне на YouTube в моем канале PRO ART
I work in different styles: from impressionistic to abstract. Art gives us freedom of self-expression. And it’s great.
I feel it’s just natural!

You can find my artworks in many private collections all over the world

Watch short videos about me

I take part in exhibitions and arts contests

September, 2021 - «Russian Arts Awards» Exhibition/Exhibitor participant Moscow, Russia
Artist Olga Beketova
September, 2021 - «Russian Arts Awards» Exhibition/Exhibitor participant Moscow, Russia
March 2021 - «Woman’s Image painting» Competition/Silver prize Saint Petersburg, Russia
Artist Olga Beketova
August 2021 - «Abstractum» International Festival/Silver prize Moscow, Russia
Artist Olga Beketova
August 2021 - «Abstractum» International Festival/Silver prize Moscow, Russia
Nov 2020 - Russian Art Week Competition/Gold prize Moscow, Russia
June 2021 - International exhibition of Modern Art/St. Petersburg Art Week by Euroasian Art Union Saint Petersburg, Russia
Feb 2021 - «Abstractum» International Festival/Exhibitor participant Moscow, Russia
November, 2021– «Animal Kingdom» exhibition/Exhibitor participant Moscow, Russia
November, 2021– «Russian Arts Week»/Exhibitor participant Moscow, Russia
Dec, 2021 - International exhibition «Art Portrait» Moscow, Russia

Watch a short video review of my awards and diplomas (YouTube video)

I am constantly working to improve my techniques

I use digital to make drafts
Artist Olga Beketova
Photo by Leio
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Marion
Artist Olga Beketova
Photo by Shifaaz
Artist Olga Beketova
Photo by Jason
Artist Olga Beketova
Artist Olga Beketova